Better occupant comfort, increased productivity, saved energy and reduced CO2 emissions in buildings

Architects are increasingly adopting Dynamic glazing as an efficient all-in-one solution that combines advantages of comfort, energy savings, solar control and flexible architecture in commercial and institutional buildings.


Visible light transmission

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient

ViaSolis' Dynamic Comfort Glass are 100% protected against moisture negative impact. Thermal edge SEALING applied on all glass perimeter eliminates the possibility of humidity influenced semi-conductor corrosion and prevents delamination, which extends the LIFETIME of ViaSolis Glass-Glass modules for over 40 years.

Traditional Glass Requires Compromises

In a continuously changing environment, traditional glazing features are well known, deeply analyzed and fixed. Using traditional glass to determine the tradeoff between light transmission and heat compromises to balance Heat, Glare and Energy must be made. Historically shades and blinds are most common way that architects accept as only available solution.

In a study by the USGBC, shades remained shut 59% of the time in 75% of buildings studied. This makes preplanned daylighting irrelevant since natural light is not being utilized as expected. Building performance also suffers or is lower than planned if blinds stay shut. Blinds are unsanitary and costly to maintain. Dynamic Comfort glass TM aloud to use the glass with prime purpose – to see the world the way it was meant to be seen.

One of the best options to reduce total annual energy consumption in buildings is implementation of innovative dynamic solar control solution – Dynamic glass. ViaSolis’ Comfort glass in fully automatic way, continuously self-tinting adapting sun and heat controlling thanks to Suntuitive thermo-chromic technology.

Considering Dynamic Comfort Glass
could fit requirements at your project?

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